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Who We Are

We are an audio production company consisting of writers, directors, sound designers, audio editors, composers & producers.

We have all worked in media, music & advertising for many years making corporate content, podcasts, commercials, soundtracks, music & programmes.

Our accolades span from BAFTA nominations to No.1 dance hits to winning the 2019 British Podcast Awards “Best True Crime Category” in conjunction with Classic FM.



The term podcast is actually a portmanteau of iPod & Broadcast.  Put simply it’s a piece of audio-only content. It could be anything from a piece of PR to a drama series but in the wonderful world of audio, it is only limited by your imagination! If the podcast landscape were compared to TV we are in the early black & white stages. Consumption patterns are confusing at the moment as the market is very fragmented with a wide selection of content providers and aggregators to choose from.  But in today’s world of smart speakers and Google dominance, the outlook is changing and simplifying.

Please get in touch and allow us to share with you the future of podcasting and the exciting opportunities that lay ahead for the PR world, brands, marketeers and content creators.

Recording Spaces & Studios

We have access to a variety of central London professional recording studios. Set up is always bespoke to the production’s needs and we can cover anything from a simple 2 person interview recording to a large roundtable discussion.

Remote Recording

We have access to a worldwide network of voice talent who all have broadcast quality home recording facilities.  We can host a virtual recording session in the cloud with all parties connected in broadcast quality from the comfort of their own office or home. This remote working reduces the need for travel and has led to a more efficient and socially responsible workflow.

Live Conferences &  Events

Conferences and events provide the perfect opportunity to capture prime audio content. Keynote speeches and interviews can be recorded, produced and edited into podcasts which can then be cut into small bite-size chunks of sharable content.  We have location recording facilities and can work alone or in conjunction with your current event A/V supplier.

We can also set up and produce live online audio broadcasts from your event.

Radio Commercials

Creative planning & production, campaign management, scriptwriting, clearance, distribution & traffic management, voice over casting, music production and sound design are the key ingredients here. We can do as much or as little as needed.

Voice Over Casting

In our experience 9 out of 10 voice over briefs need to be interpreted not followed. So that’s exactly what we do. We make sure client and creative are on the same page and that the end casting result is perfectly matched with the brand message.

We are also well experienced in negotiating the usage and clearance “jungle” ensuring no nasty budget surprises.

Music & Sound Design

Our sound design has been BAFTA nominated and our music has gone to number 1 so rest assured our sound designers and composers are original and world-class.

We have access to vast libraries of production music and are able to licence this at favourable rates for podcasts.

Writing & Creative

Our writers come from a variety of backgrounds, but they all have one thing in common which is their wonderful ability to tell stories without pictures. Great audio writing requires both discipline and an ability to move the listener. It’s an intimate medium. Every breath, comma and pregnant pause counts. And when time-lengths are limited, good audio writers know how to make a long story short.

Our producers are all a little geeky when it comes to audio which means they understand the power and possibilities of audio and how to best deliver communicate through this medium alone.

Corporate Consultancy & Assistance

Podcasts are such an effective tool to add to the corporate communications and social media mix because they can be quick and cheap to produce & share. We can spec and install a simple podcast recording station in your office. We can then offer training, teaching, simple self opp record & edit techniques plus we can supply templates so you can be completely self-sufficient.

Most importantly we can also advise on asset management and storage. After just 6 months of self podcasting you will have created lots of useful content. This will need to be archived and managed correctly so it can always be accessed effectively giving you maximum ROI.

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Our Work

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